Effective Group Prayer

"I have found that no one is born a prayer hero,
they are shaped and refined in the practice field of life.” 
Dutch Sheets

 Everyone can learn how to pray and contribute in corporate prayer.

Jesus taught that When you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard
because of their many words
. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” (Matthew 6: 7).
So we need to learn effective, creative and meaningful ways of praying together. 

The following six principles are designed to help:

 1) Single Subject– Concentrate together on the same subject for prayer.

  • Don't pray 'all around the world' in one prayer, focus on one subject together at a time.
  • Leave something for other people to pray for.

  2) Short Prayer - helpful to pray short prayers using brief, short phrases, not long drawn out descriptions and explainations.  e.g.: 

  • “Father, thank You for Your faithfulness, Your love and mercy”
  • “Thank You Lord that You have made us and we can ask in Your name, Jesus, because we belong to You”
  • “Lord Jesus teach us to live and love as You do." 

3) Simple Prayer – use normal language, avoid “preach-praying” theological phrases or solemn religious tones

  • Lord, You’ve said you have good plans for us, may we know them and follow them.”
  • “Father, forgive us for……”
  • “Father, we want to please You in our lives, help us to open our hearts and allow Your Holy Spirit come and change us.”
  • “Lord please heal Janet in Jesus’ name”
  • “Lord, empower us to bring the good news about Jesus to our community

 4) Specific Prayerparticular & exact. Acts 4:29-30, Acts 12:5. We can be very practical.

  • "Give our leaders wisdom and discernment"
  • "Lord, we need £---- for …….we want to get on with furthering Your kingdom, please provide all we need"
    Father please fill us with Your Spirit and speak Your words of life through us"

5) Silent Prayer Ecclesiastes 5: 2-3 / Psalm 46: 10. - We don’t need to fill every gap. 

  • Be open to hearing from God. Every Christian can learn to hear God's voice.
  • Wait and give the Holy Spirit space to speak
  • Ask for revelation – pictures, words, impressions. What God shows us will never contradict His word in the Bible.

6) Sensitive Prayer - to the Holy Spirit and to others. 

  • Seek to be in tune with the Holy Spirit in order to pray appropriately and sensitively. He brings order, not chaos.
  • Do not pray in tongues unless there is an agreement from the whole group to do so together, remember, some people may not be familiar or comfortable with this,  and constant praying in tongues
    can be distracting and alienate people.
  • Our prayers are precious to God and He wants to encourage all to be involved.
  • Follow the leadership of the meeting.