What is a prayer net group?

What is a net group?

Prayer Net groups are single-sex groups of three to five people who are committed to friendship, mutual support and prayer.

The aim is that everyone in the church has the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships with people who will pray regularly for them, read the Bible with them and encourage them to explore how to live life to the full.

When and where do net groups meet?

Net Groups are small enough to be flexible and meet at times convenient to the group members. Some meet before work, others in a lunch break and others for a short time early or later in the evening.  Groups meet in homes, or cafes – wherever the group would like to meet.

How are net groups different from home groups?

Net groups meet primarily for mutual support.  They allow time for in-depth personal sharing and prayer.  How groups and use their time is completely open-ended and whether others are invited to join is up to group members.

While mutual support, bible study and prayer are also key values in our home groups, they also have a strong focus on discipleship and mission. Home groups have named leaders who receive training and mentoring.  They look for ways to serve the church and its mission practically and always welcome newcomers. 

How can I join a net group?

Net Groups are not centrally organised and there is no written list of groups and their members.  They are very fluid as groups form and dis-band as members’ life circumstances change.  If you would like to be in a net group, start by asking people you already know in the church if they are part of a group and whether you could join.  Alternatively, you could start a new group yourself and ask others to join you.