St Leonard's Church

 chesham bois



We are an Anglican, Evangelical & Charismatic Church who seeks to host the transforming presence of the Lord; only doing what we see the Father doing and seeking the fullness of the abundant, cross-shaped life, so enabling us to fulfil the promise that we will do the things Jesus did and greater things than these.



  • We FOCUS on JESUS - in His empowering PRESENCE we worship & pray

  • He DEFINES our IDENTITY - individually & corporately we believe His PROMISES

  • The FATHER shows us what to DO - in humility, we depend on REVELATION for life

  • We TRUST Him in all circumstances - we have FAITH in His love & provision

  • We EXPECT to see the KINGDOM manifest - we rejoice in His VICTORY


We at St Leonard's are a prophetic people and lion-hearted disciples who

  • see the Kingdom of the Father manifest as we...

  • worship Jesus as LORD and we...

  • submit to the Spirit's leading


SO, to see our vision come to pass, our MISSION is to

  • maintain our foundations and values at all times

  • commit to personal restoration

  • commit to regular, individual and corporate worship and prayer

  • expect Kingdom growth in evangelism and the transformation of society



St Leonard's Church in Chesham Bois is over 800 years old. Find out about some of that history by clicking below.