Mission is so important to us that we give 10% of the church's income to support our Kingdom Partners in what they are doing for God and His world. We also support people from St Leonard's who are involved in various kinds of outreach and mission, in the long or short term.


In Tegucigalpa there are many children living on the streets and many who are at high risk of doing so. Often these children have chosen to leave home because of how they were treated. They feel it’s safer for them to be on the streets. Some of them are even sent by desperate or negligent parents to work to support the family.

I work with the charity Street Kids Direct, which partners with projects that aim to stop this injustice. I help run our mentoring programme in Honduras, with a vision to place a caring and consistent adult in the lives of every high-risk child.

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Tree of Life, run by Pete and Sarah, are a church family committed to a life of following Jesus together in Manenberg, Cape Town.


We don’t primarily aim to offer solutions to Manenberg’s problems, we simply seek to be a sign that another reality is possible when love is put at the centre.

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God has called us as a family of 6 to a town called Arua in northwest Uganda.


With Tom's background as a GP, he will be working with the team in the health department of the local church diocese, working to improve community healthcare for the local population, including some South Sudanese refugee communities. Verity will be mainly looking after our 4 young children, but in time she hopes to be able to utilise some of her training in peace and reconciliation work among the refugee communities.


Our call is to serve the local community, drawing others closer to Jesus as we work to realise the hope of physical, emotional and spiritual restoration.

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Jonathan and Helen serve God in North Africa, where Jonathan teaches at university and Helen works with community groups.


Jack and Claire have been serving Muslim refugees in Eastern Sahara since 2013.

They lead a mission team with a vision to see the whole region transformed by God: providing water access to poor communities, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, the 'Living Water' (John 7.37-39)


Adam leads Oak Church which is a youth focused church in central Stevenage.


Being youth focused means we have a particular heart for seeing Jesus meet with and inspire young people, but we are welcome to all and have a multi-generational community.


Oak is a part of the Church of England and began as a church plant from Soul Survivor Watford in 2015.

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Lunch Bowl was set up in 2006 in response to the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable children living in the Kibera slum in Nairobi.


Since then we have provided funding for a dinner programme for 450 orphaned and vulnerable children, 2 kindergartens and a primary school.


The children in the programme have been selected because of their vulnerability and high need and rely upon the nutrition that is provided daily by The Lunchbowl Network.

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Inspiring, training and equipping children, young people and families.

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Following Jesus where the need is greatest.

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Helping local people in crisis.

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Working with people, of all faiths and none, in around 50 countries, to eradicate poverty and injustice.

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