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Prophetic Word shared by Wendy Clow at Celebrate 2021

I am expectant of a day of victory for you.

As I write this, I am in the midst of  the Lion’s roar, it is terrifying to those that hear it and do know Him, I am shaken by it and filled by it, I am emboldened by it. 

Right now is a time of significant decision making.  The children of God are hungry to arise and shine and the enemy is scrambling to hold onto the position he has enjoyed over God's children.  The witchcraft attempting to dampen enthusiasm, bring dullness and confusion, to suffocate is palpable.  The question is..........are the children of God going to miss the moment, not see that this is the hour of opportunity or do we as a people CHOOSE out of God's will to SEE and to seize the moment by faith?

This is not a time to sit back and feel tired, worn out, beaten down, under pressure; this is the time to stand as warriors in FULL authority as the body of the living God and enforce His victory, to lay hold of His promise for today, the promise that is Abundant Life! 

To hell with timidity and fear, to hell with insignificance, pride and rebellion, control and witchcraft, quite literally!  To hell with them, be gone in the name of Jesus!

Arise children of God, let His power shine through you, be the blade that cuts through the shackles that bind, be the light that dispels the darkness, be the peace that stills the natural storm and be the LIFE that quickens the dead!

Sound the trumpet, call to all who have an ear, let this be the day when we rally to our Lord and Saviour and walk into the promised land.

Books reccomended by Stuart Lees at Celebrate 2021

The Beddgelert Revival – Eryl Davies

A Forgotten Revival – Stanley C Griffin

Revival in the Hebrides – Duncan Campbell

Revival, a people saturated with God – Brian H. Edwards

Prepare for Revival – Michael Marcel

Stuart also used this website in his talk: https://www.ukwells.org

Here is the video Stuart showed of the river being reborn.

Recordings of the two main sessions at Celebrate 2021